Spoiler Style Sunroofs

Spoiler Style Sunroofs

Spoiler Style Sunroofs combine the basic design of a pop-up with a complex mechanism which allows the glass to both vent and slide open. Because the glass remains tilted, there is little wind noise due to turbulence hitting the rear edge of the hold the glass acts like a spoiler, smoothly routing the air flow over top. Read More
INBUILT Sunroofs

INBUILT Sunroofs

INBUILT Sunroofs (internal sliding). When closed, the sunroof panel is flush with the roof skin, and when open, it retracts between the roof and headliner. Inbuilt require a water management system [catch tray and drain tubes]

Enhanced electronic control adds features including programmable preset positions, safety auto reverse, and auto-close on ignition off to express open/close. Optional rain sensors can be installed which detect moisture and will close the sunroof even if the vehicle is left unattended, so the sunroof may be left vented or open in the parking lot all day without concern for getting wet.

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Custom Sunroof Installers in Georgia

A sunny day is great for any car to just drop the sunroof top down and feel the breeze as you drive. Unfortunately, not all days are sunny and sometimes it rains. That is when trouble lurks from above. The rain runs the risk of leaking into your car sunroof. If you have any damages on your sunroof, then stop by Accent Auto Accessory to get sunroof repairs and installation for the best price in town. Cracked seals or glass on a sunroof can pose a safety hazard along with risk damage to the car and people inside. Don’t let your mind spill away from getting sunroof repairs for your car in Lawrenceville Georgia area.

Best sunroof repairs for the lowest cost in the state of Georgia

Let the fresh breeze & the sunshine in and uncover the sunroof! Oh, wait your sunroof doesn’t work? Well, guess what! We have the best solution for you at Accent Auto! Get the best in sunroof repair today! Your car will be just as happy you will be once your roof of your car has the option to open up and let in that fresh breeze and clear sky above. We are the best sunroof installation experts in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Whether you have a leaking cracked sunroof or just want to know how much it will cost to get a new sunroof for your car, we are the company for you!

Types of sunroof installations we offer;

  • Add a sunroof to any custom automotive that fits the style.
  • Electric sunroof or manual sunroof installation services.
  • Sunroof glass installations or painted finishes.
  • Tinted glass sunroof or interior shaded glass sunroof.
  • Sliding ragtops, canvas ragtops, and cloth ragtops for auto installation.
  • Pop out or pop up sunroof glass.

Best Quality Sunroof Installations in Georgia

Repairs for your sunroof are professionally serviced to meet guaranteed procedure and customer satisfaction. As the experts, we recommend getting your sunroof repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage and leakage to the interior of the automobile. Sunroof care is an excellent way to prevent further recurring damage. For more information get professional advice from Auto Accents Sunroof installation Services in Lawrenceville, GA. Call now at (770) 822-6031.  

Sunroof Maintenance & Sunroof Care

How to prevent sunroof damage and repair.

Get suitable car care for your sunroof so you can maintain the value and operation of your sunroof for years to come. Keep your preventable maintenance simple and consistent through the day. Today sunroof maintenance is sometimes overlooked and given the quality of today’s sunroof installations, it can be easy to forget about ways to prevent sunroof damages. By following manufacturer instructions and by researching techniques to prevent damages, you will be able to prevent value depreciation for years to come. Make your sunroof installation be one the lasts beyond the expectation.

Manual and Electric Sunroof Repair

Do you have an electric sunroof with remote motor cognition? We offer and repair electrical sunroofs with motor drive installation so you can enjoy opening up the electric sunroof with the push of a button! Electric sunroofs are a great addition for any outgoing motorist, the ability to open the sunroof and get a fresh breeze coming in can be priceless on a hot summer day on the road. The sunroof may also offer a value to the perfect date night so you and you’re significant other can gaze at the stars after having an eventful date night out on the town.  We are able to provide repairs for any style of sunroof available on the market. Pop-up sunroofs are also something we are able to repair, that is a sunroof with a vent in the rear or has a removable glass panel.

Add a sunroof in many attractive styles to fit your life

Open up the roof and let the breeze in with a sunroof installed by Auto Accents GA. Your next sunroof for your car is here! Installation specialists in sunroof installation by the professionals. Auto Accents provides the best in electric, manual, sliding glass or painted finish sunroofs. We also offer glass and interior shade sunroofs, sliding ragtops, cloth top, and pop-up sunroofs. We are specialists in sunroof repair and installation. Call now at (770) 822-6031.

Sunroof Installation and Cleaning Advice

High-Quality Sunroofs for Years to Come!

Your sunroof is great for dry sunny weather but when it rains the seal of your sunroof could pose a leak that will eventually damage the interior of your car if you are not careful to inspect the installation and routine maintenance need on an on-going basis. As technology has evolved so has the quality materials used to manufacture a good sunroof. These days’ sunroofs are made EDPM Rubber, and silicone which are highly UV resistant and other natural damages. Clean the gasket at least once or twice a year using a lint-free cloth and a mild detergent. Rinse the cloth a wipe down with water only, never apply oil based solutions, mineral oils, petroleum to the seal of the sunroof. You can clean the glass of your sunroof using a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a cloth or paper towel. Water spots can be visible on the glass but with the use of some white vinegar and a cloth, you will be able to clean out those spots in now time. Handle the sunroof glass panel when installing, removing or cleaning. Be sure to inspect any nuances that could risk further damage done to the glass or seal. Tempered sunroof glass is fragile and must be protected from scratching and chipping. Wrap and store the glass in a safe and secure place so that there is less chance of breaking the glass.

Quick and Affordable Sunroof Installation

The frame of a sunroof is designed to fit around the glass panel and seal. Our team is highly proficient in making any adjustments necessary to get your sunroof fixed and installed professionally. There are varied types of sunroof finishes and we are able to discuss further detail if you choose to bring in your auto. A smooth surface with an electrostatic powder paint coat may need a different car wash detailing compared to a composite polyamide frame finish. Ask us for a free assessment to find out more about the types of finished and frame design specifications found on your car. Call now at (770) 822-6031. Auto Accents is local sunroof professional who can clean your sunroof, inspect and adjust any hardware and seals, panels or frames so can enjoy the breeze of the open road.  

Tilt and Slide Sunroof Installations and Repair

Tilt and Slide Sunroofs are similar to pop-up sunroofs and they require an electrical operation. This sunroof can be a great addition to any custom auto.  

Internal Sliding Sunroofs Installations & Repair

Internal sliding sunroofs can be found on custom luxury automobiles and imports. The panel lowers and slides right into the roof of the car roof with the push of a button. The water management system found in an internal sliding sunroof needs recurring care in order to clean out the drainage so water won’t leak into the interior of the car.  

Folding Sunroofs Installations & Repair

Folding sunroofs are rag-top canvas fabric or vinyl top covered sliding that open or close in a convertible fashion. The folding sunroof needs to be cared for with routine cleaning and waxing so that water does not invade and the watertight seal. This form of sunroof does not have a seal or gasket-like many other forms of sunroofs. You can open the top and reveal the frame and track that holds the fabric.  

Top Slider Sunroofs Installations & Repair

The top slider sunroof is installed on a trail track on the top of the vehicle roof. The electrical or manual operation in simple and offers wind deflection and a sealed frame. A visit to your local sunroof professional to inspect the motor, adjust the cables and track accordingly to manufacturer specification.  

Removable Panel Sunroof (Targa Sunroof & T-top Sunroofs) Installations & Repair

The removable panel is a simple addition for an auto, the glass, plastic, or metal frame is removed from the frame and exposes the roof to the sky. The panel is simple to clean and the ease use can be great for manual operations.

Custom Sunroof Installation

Sunroofs are made with ever-changing design and technology, the materials we use are always the best in standard quality. Sunroofs are a great addition to any custom auto installation and repair common due to neglecting routine care and automotive accidents. Keep you sunroof clean and inspect the operating system in order to assess the preventable damage. Come by Auto Accents GA to get a professional inspection or sunroof adjustment. We want you back on the road enjoying the open air and cool breeze, so come by and rest assure we will have a solution for you! Stopover to Auto Accents GA convertible and sunroof installations or repair for any tune-up, cleaning, and adjustment to your sunroof. Whether you’re automotive has a factory installed sunroof or aftermarket sunroof, we are able to provide regular care and preventive maintenance that will have you relishing in the outside air with the best a sunroof can offer!

Broken Glass and Seal for Sunroof Repairs

Everyone should have a sunroof. The option to look out from above and into the sunshine is great for any travel. Sunroofs are great for all autos and trucks and can be one the best features available. The auto installation and repair services needed for a sunroof will need a specialist in order to replace sunroof glass.

The sunroof glass experts at Accent Auto Accessory repairs and installations can replace that damaged broken sunroof and get you back on the road lanes as quick as possible. No longer will you have to concern yourself about vehicle flooding your inside interiors during that next rain storm weather, with expert sunroof glass installations and repair services from Accent Auto Accessory Installations.

Call today at (770) 822-6031.