rDrive powered by LoJack





Wifi – Hotspot Capability

LoJack Vehicle Location Tracking

Virtual Boundaries, Arrival and Departure Notifications

CrashBoxx collision detail notifications including location and impact level

Tripwire Early Warning / Theft Notification

Car Health Status


Vehicle Theft Solution

  • LoJack provides vehicle location tracking through Tripwire early warning notifications. This feature notifies you when your car has been stolen and provides 24/7 command center support and GPS tracking of your vehicle.

Crash & Collision Solution

  • Crashboxx crash detection software is not only able to detect a crash, but is able to determine the severity of the crash.

Teen & Senior Driver Solution

  • rDrive can create a Driver Score Card to detect driving habits such as excessive speeding, which can be helpful for monitoring teen drivers. The virtual boundary feature can be used to monitor when a driver has not returned home at a specific time through your own personal set parameters.
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